The New Rainmaker: Why the Key to Business Success is Media, Not Marketing

If you’ve been following Copyblogger for any length of time, you know we’ve been teaching people online marketing for over eight years. Specifically, something that is now known as content marketing.

The key point being that this type of marketing is different from traditional marketing, but it accomplishes what marketing is supposed to do. And it’s the differences that cause so many people to struggle with it.

At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion that the terminology is part of the problem.

First of all, there’s the word content. What a horrible term to characterize what are essentially creative works — whether articles, audio, movies, books, or music. It’s all technically “content” … like something that fills a bucket.

Apparently, the Louvre in Paris is filled with “content” that just so happens to be surrounded by frames. Let’s face it — it’s a bad term that’s unfortunately what we have to work with.

Media not Marketing

But worse, I think, is the word marketing itself. Again, what we’re talking about here does what marketing is supposed to do, but it operates in a way where people actually want it instead of wanting to avoid it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my 15-year entrepreneurial journey lately. And I remember that I was completely clueless about marketing when I started publishing online in 1998. Never took a class, never read a book … not a clue as to how traditional marketing worked.

I wasn’t even interested in marketing … and that turned out to be a huge blessing.

What was fascinating to me was media. That’s what I wanted to be involved in … and finally, thanks to the Internet, no one could tell me no.

This focus on media, rather than marketing, is the key difference between “content” that fills a web page and the creative output that counterintuitively works as online marketing. This is what makes you a new breed of business rainmaker.

Introducing New Rainmaker

New Rainmaker is our new (and free) educational resource for 2014. It reflects this “media-first” perspective, and it’s our hope that it helps content marketing veterans and newcomers alike.

It acknowledges all the mistakes I made along the way. But ultimately, you’ll understand what worked, and why.

It’s not accurate to call it a podcast, at least not in the sense you’re used to. Plus, beyond audio lessons, interviews, and transcripts, it also involves free reports, video presentations, webinars, and stuff we haven’t thought of yet.

The best I can say at this point is check it out. We’re kicking things off with the first audio lesson, complete with transcript for those who’d rather read.

In the quick 22-minute opening episode you’ll discover:

  • The two business fundamentals I learned as an unhappy attorney
  • Why you don’t need privilege or sales skills to make it rain
  • The true nature of the commercial Internet
  • That the fundamentals of human nature haven’t changed (and what has)
  • The problem with “content marketing”
  • How to create marketing people actually want
  • What a personal media brand is, and why you want one

Sign up for free over here, and let us know what you think.

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