Thank You, Dr. King

Image of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each of us would do well in our lifetimes to inspire one other person.

I mean truly inspire: to provide real hope where none previously existed and help turn that hope into positive action, maybe even positive change, that may otherwise never happen.

It’s so much harder than it sounds.

What, then, do we say about a man who inspired not just one person, but an entire generation of people?

And generations beyond that?

And who will inspire generations beyond this?

On this day, we say thank you … to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose dreams, words, and actions remain as inspiring today as they were five decades ago.

Here are Dr. King’s final public words, delivered at the Mason Temple in Memphis, Tennessee:

These words live on, as do so many of his others, and serve as the narration to a legacy few other men in history have had the courage and indomitable will to build.

Today we celebrate that legacy, the legacy that Dr. King left behind without ever fully leaving.

For he was true to what he said on paper, and he was true to what he said out loud. And so his words live on, some of the most meaningful in history — an everlasting testament to one of the most meaningful and inspirational lives that has ever been lived.

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