These 5 Writers Won the First Copyblogger Essay Contest …

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250 words is not a lot of words.

It barely fits on a single sheet of paper.

So when you answer the question “Why is online authority essential?” you must be lean and creative.

Who among you did it best?

Picking the winners

Jerod and I worked our way through all 272 entries. If every submission was 250 words, that’s 68,000 words in fewer than four days … the equivalent of reading Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

But that hard work paid off because we discovered some outstanding answers for why online authority is essential.

The winning essays did it by answering the question with a crisp, meaningful story introduced by a compelling headline.

You’ll get to read each of the winners here on Copyblogger. We’ll publish the grand prizewinning essay on Friday December 20th, followed by the four remaining essays each Friday after that.

And speaking of winners, drumroll please …

Second Prize …

Nick Evans, Joe Pawlikowski, and Mark Wayland!

Each of these fine gentlemen will get a one-year membership to Authority and have their essays published on Copyblogger.

First Prize …

Abbey Dieteman!

Abbey wins a lifetime membership to Authority and will have her essay published on Copyblogger.

And the Grand Prize goes to …

Anthony Sills!

Anthony wins a ticket to our Authority Intensive conference, a lifetime membership to Authority, and will have his essay published on Copyblogger. Congratulations Anthony!

*Thank you to everyone who entered, for your time, your talent, and your hard-fought answers. This contest was a success because of you. When you get a chance, congratulate the winners in the comments below. And start sharpening your writing chops for next time!

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