Only One Week Left to Enter Copyblogger’s Essay Contest (and Compete for Insanely Useful Prizes)

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You are a serious copywriter or content marketer (or both).

You must be.

Otherwise, why would you be here on the day before Thanksgiving? You surely have traveling to do or a turkey to prep.

So, given your commitment to the craft, I have no doubt that you are capable of stringing together 250 words that provide a compelling answer to the following question: “Why is it essential to be an online authority?”

The only question may be motivation. Do you really want to spend a portion of your Thanksgiving weekend writing?

Yes, you do. Since being an online authority means something to you. And motivation won’t be a problem once you see the crazy content marketing prizes that your short, sweet, and smart 250-word essay will give you a chance to win.

The prizes

As Demian explained last week when the contest launched, these are the prizes:

  • Grand prize (1): Ticket to Authority Intensive (in Denver, CO on May 7-9, 2014) and lifetime* access to Authority (approximate value $3,931).
  • First place prize (1): Lifetime* access to Authority (retail value $2,436).
  • Second place prizes (3): One-year membership to Authority (retail value $348).

*Lifetime access means as long as Authority exists. We have absolutely no plans to stop any time soon, given that there are over 5,000 Authority members who wouldn’t like that very much ;-)

Plus, we will publish all winning essays on Copyblogger as guest posts, and all winners will also receive a website badge designed by Copyblogger’s renowned Lead Designer Rafal Tomal.

So you receive “authority” in more ways than one.

The process

Here is the key date and time to remember: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 at 5:00 P.M. PST.

That is the deadline for submitting your essay. So if you procrastinate over Thanksgiving weekend, no worries, you’ll have a few days next week to get your submission in.

Important: there will be no exceptions, not for the deadline or for the 250-word limit.

Other important tips and stipulations to keep in mind:

  • Write with a unique style, voice, hook
  • Edit and proofread your essay before you submit
  • Make a logical argument

Also, do us a favor and take a rain check this time around if people already consider you something of a big deal in the content marketing space. Kudos on your success, but this contest is geared more toward the little guy and gal. We want to provide opportunity for the new kids on the block.

On Friday, December 13, 2013, we will announce the winners, as well as the dates that the winning posts will be published on Copyblogger.


Here’s the easy 5-step submission process:

  1. Create or upload a document in Google Drive.
  2. Include your first and last name, email address, and a phone number on the document in the top left-hand corner (we will use this information ONLY for the purposes of this essay contest — no spam, ever).
  3. Share the document with us using the Google Drive share function to essays [at] copyblogger [dot] com.
  4. Hit done.
  5. This one is optional, but encouraged: add the “I entered Copyblogger’s Essay Contest” badge to your site. To do so, copy and paste this code into your blog post or web page:

(And if you don’t have a Google account, now is the perfect time to create one and also start using Google+ to build your online authority.)

The promotion

As mentioned, rock stars are not allowed to participate in this contest … but that doesn’t mean you can’t position yourself as an emerging rock star to your audience.

Let your audience and social media contacts know about your participation in Copyblogger’s first-ever essay contest, all while encouraging them to take part as well. You would appreciate such a heads up. So will your audience.

And, thanks to Rafal, we’ve made it easy and stylish to do so:

Simply copy and paste this code to embed the poster below on your site. Or link directly to the poster here.

That’s it.

Demian and I look forward to your submissions, and we wish you a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend of food, friends, and family.

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