Get this Marketing Cornerstone Right … Or Go Home

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If you’re marketing a product or service, there’s one thing you absolutely need to get right.

Your writing voice might not be that awesome. Your call to action might need some help. Your big idea might be … not so big.

But if you can get this one down, you’ll do all right. You may not thrive, but you’ll live to sell another day.

On the other hand, if you get it wrong, no amount of brilliant marketing can help you.

What is this terrifyingly important factor?

It’s the offer you make your customers — the thing (or package of things) you offer in exchange for money.

And it’s critical because in the real world, you can’t sell a product or service that your customers just don’t want to buy. There’s no “hypnotic” marketing that can trick people into buying something they have no desire or need for.

But that’s not to say “just be awesome and your business will sell itself.” Great copywriting offers rarely happen by accident — they’re crafted.

So here are some resources to help you out with that.

First things first: is this something they want?

Around here, we call this the “broccoli ice cream” problem.

You may have something that people would benefit from. That would help them. That they might even need.

If they don’t want it, you’re going to have a ferociously tough time selling it.

Sometimes getting from “need” to “want, and also need” is a simple matter of re-framing your offer. Take a look at this post for some ideas:

Does Your Customer Want What You’ve Got to Offer?

Formulating the irresistible offer

There are pretty-good offers … and then there are irresistible ones.

You want to go for the latter, as often as you possibly can.

Take a look at this classic post from Brian Clark on what goes into an irresistible offer:

“Kids Eat Free” and Other Irresistible Offers

And 58 more formulations for you to try

Finally, don’t miss expert copywriter Dean Rieck’s four-part “cheat sheet” on 58 different ways to frame an offer to make it stronger, better, faster … positively bionic.

In-demand copywriters like Dean use lists like these to review key copywriting elements (like offers) and make them as superhumanly strong as possible. So think like an expert, review these possibilities — and ask yourself, is the offer you’re making today strong enough to build your business on?

If not, you have work to do.

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